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Unable to find any devices of the type needed for this installation type.

Hi guys,

After using the ISOmorphic tool to put a R77.30 image on it, I turn on my checkpoint T2200 with the USB and the process begins, after a few seconds a have the following error:

I try to select different drivers, but any success with that, can someone help me, because right now my checkpoint is stopped....

Thanks in advance

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Errors when machine boots from a USB device formatted by ISOmorphic Tool 

"No Driver Found" error when machine boots from a USB device formatted by ISOmorphic Tool 

Do you also have the correct and latest versions of software?


ISOmorphic Build 164

The name of appliance should be 2200 (small appliance) or TE2000 (Threat Emulation appliance).


Use the New Isomorphic tool especially for a TE appliance their is an option after the main configuration page to select the appliance versions

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There are 2 options:

1 incompatible USB Stick, have you tried another one?

2 I have problems with the later versions of ISOmorphic that show the menu to let you choose the hardware model. If you can find a version (I think it is 91 or lower) create your stick with that version that should solve your problem.

Regards, Maarten
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Use the USB 3.0 portable device. 

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