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Unable to download non-GA JHF - New GW, Factory default with Trial Licenses

Running into some issues with staging some new firewalls and running into some pretty annoying issues.


I have some brand new checkpoint 3600s that were purchased a while back.   We plan on shipping these to each of our sites for our vendor to complete the cluster configs and when it can have access to our management servers.   In addition, some of these sites have low bandwidth, especially during our staging/pre cutover, and therefore the ask provided to me was to get them all upgraded to R81.10 Take 87 (T87 is what we have certified to date).   

I did the same thing about two weeks back when T87 was still GA.    

Since these boxes are on the other side of the country for me, I am using a cradlepoint to remote in and use the LAN manager to stage everything.    So....its similates like I am on site and i can give the Checkpoint GW internet access to download directly from our lab.  

Most of these had R81 or R80.40 as their default image.  

Upon boot, I can access the GUI via its default network (, cancel the first time wizard and provide DNS  (My Cradlepoint setup is already on the network with the .254 as GW so DNS is the only thing I have to configure). 

From there, the box has its 'trial' license for 30 days and I can update CPUSE along with download the R81.10 full image for the clean install.  

After getting up to R81.10, this is where i now run into an issue. 

I can no longer download the hotfix from the cloud and can only download the current GA JHF.    With it now at T94, I can no longer directly download T87 by going to the "Add hotfix from cloud" method.     I can download only T94 and I even tried T95 (Ongoing fix) and both provide this error:


[Mon Apr 17 20:40:15 2023]:
 Could not add the private package Check_Point_R81_10_JUMBO_HF_MAIN_Bundle_T87_FULL.tgz.
Try searching for the package again. If the issue persists, contact Check Point Technical Services.


[Mon Apr 17 20:34:20 2023]:
 Could not add the private package Check_Point_R81_10_JUMBO_HF_MAIN_Bundle_T95_FULL.tgz.

Try searching for the package again. If the issue persists, contact Check Point Technical Services.
I can not 'slide' load this without having someone physically on site and it sees to me that this is a permission issues here with not allowing to be able to download any JHF with the 'trial' license.    Is this now something I have to license first?    Either way , I think this is a bad idea to limit on the trial licenses especially if one want to try different JHF versions. 
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You can install the package locally.

Open the download archive and download the JHF:
sk174185 - Download Archive of Recommended Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Takes  

1) Upload the package via winscp to your appliance
2) Open the clish
3) Import the JHF87
    >  installer import local <Path>/<Package_File_Name>
4) Install the package
    > installer verify <Package_Number>
    > installer install <Package_Number>


Issue i have here is that I can't push any files over a Cradlepoint LAN manager HTTPS or SSH session.  To install locally would require me to set up another remote PC on there I can access remotely and then install from there.   Thats an option but one that requires some on hands help.

In the meantime, I just licensed them and installed locally....that then allowed this to proceed.    They had to be licensed anyways since they were going to production locations 😉


But....I am still curious on why the limitation on the JHF version you can access on a trial version.   That is a valid 'lab' test situation here and i don't understand the point to limit that access to that type of level (Main OS and current GA only)

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We require a Software Subscription in order to be able to access many downloads, including JHF.
Having said that, I believe you can install any JHF via CPUSE if you apply an All-in-One evaluation license, which anyone can generate for themselves.

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