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Tracker Log for Particular IP not shown

Dear All,

Issue: Unable to see tracker Log for particular Source IP - Gaia R77.30 Gateways with latest HF

We can see the traffic is fine and working between this Source IP and Destination along with other internal networks of Same Source IP range.

Ex: - unable to see tracker log. But we can see other 10.10.10.x IPs

When we checked in SmartView Tracker_Active Tab - we can see this Particular IP logs active connections, but not visible in Network Tab_SmartView Tracker.

Any suggestions please.

Regards, Prabulingam.N

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Traffic could be matched against a rule that is not logging.

In which case, you would need to correct your rulebase.

Otherwise, I recommend engaging with the TAC to troubleshoot.

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Hi Dameon,

The rulebase is fine for same network and Track set for "Log"

Is there any chance from command line to check if Log came from particular Source IP.

Regards, Prabu

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