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Stats/Monitor each VPN Tunnel

Hello guys,

We have about 100 VPN tunnels (site-to-site). Would like to accomplish:

1. Would to capture statistics (OID) of each VPN tunnel, and see throughput of each tunnel on our monitoring system (not the summary).

2. Is there a way we can get alerts (status of VPN) tunnel in case it's down? Looking to get OID - status of each VPN tunnel.


I've contacted the support team a few times, unfortunately, didn't get any meaningful answer.


Thank you!

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I believe SmartView Monitor can be configured to show this.
If you're talking about exporting this data into SNMP, not sure how that can be done.

Right, looking to get SNMP, and show all tunnels on our monitoring system.

You can monitor tunnel state over SNMP as described here:
I don't believe we expose per-tunnel bandwidth over SNMP.
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