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Smart Event - CPU & RAM, but ...

hello all,

i have a r81.20 standalone installation and now i have activated the smart event. so far everything is fine. but sometimes the smart event server shuts down. the other services like correlation server, exporter etc. keep running. the server has 8 cpu's and 24 gb ram.

my question now: i have the following cpu distribution/configuration:

2 * CPU as Core_SND
6 * CPU as CoreXL_FW

is this sufficient or does the smart event need free cpu's that are neither part of the SND nor the CoreXL?


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Legend Legend

I believe that most processes (like those for SmartEvent) are only allowed to grab CPU slices on worker/instance cores, and are kept off the SND cores to keep those CPU caches "hot".  You seem to have plenty of CPU and RAM available so I doubt that is your issue.  Is this in a virtual machine of some kind with heavy contention for the disk I/O path?  If a VM are you seeing a non-zero "steal" value in the output of top which could be choking the system for CPU cycles?

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