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Smart Console can't access cp firewall cluster


We have a problem communicating with our cp cluster via smart console. Everything was functional last week, but when I tried to log on Monday I first got a error message saying " Connection cannot be initiated. Please make sure that the server "IP address" is up and running and that you are defined as GUI client".

The Smart Console eventually opens but red x stands in front of all objects status column, when gateways and servers tab selected and I cant access any nodes. 

It just goes "Please wait while loading message..." 

When I try to log on from another computer I get: CERTIFICATE REVOKED message.

As far I can see from cli's cluster nodes are communicating normally, and everything regarding traffic is ok. Also there was not any big changes in policy rules etc.

Version is R80.10

Since this is a production firewall we cant make any changes and it is driving me crazy since this issue started.

I am really desperate guys. Your help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Please check sk113744.

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