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Site to Site VPN link redundancy with 3rd party Gateway(Cisco ASA)

Hello Folks

Please find my requirement below.


The customer is using a Juniper Firewall(Local) placed behind a load balancer using two ISP Links TATA and Airtel for VPN, The Juniper Firewall is connected to the Loadbalancer on a single interface(Private IP). Meanwhile, the Peer end is a Cisco ASA Firewall with a Single ISP link for VPN communication.

The VPN configured between Juniper Firewall and Cisco ASA has link redundancy i.e the 2 ISP Links(TATA and Airtel) of the Loadbalancer is Nated to the Juniper firewalls External Interface IP(Private) and on the Peer side, the Cisco ASA firewall is configured to probe these 2 public IPs as shown in the diagram below.


TATA is the primary ISP link of Loadbalancer for the VPN traffic, When the TATA ISP link goes down the VPN Tunnel fails over to Airtel Link.

Topology 1Topology 1


Now in place of Juniper, we are going to replace it with the CheckPoint Firewall(Model: 5900, Mode of deployment: Cluster, OS: GAIA, Version: R80.30).

So can we achieve the same VPN link redundancy between CheckPoint to Cisco with CheckPoints Single Interface behind a Nated device(Loadbalancer with 2 ISP Links)? If so then how

Topology 2Topology 2

Assuming that if the first option is not possible, Can we achieve the same requirement when the 2 Public IPs are directly terminated on CheckPoint and the Peer Cisco ASA is configured to probe these 2 Public IPs. If so then how.

Topology 3Topology 3




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The Check Point device can be behind NAT.
Usually this means changing Link Selection to be the relevant IP though not 100% sure how that will work.
I suspect authentication will need to be by certificates here.

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