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Site-to-Site VPN Compatibility Matrix

site to site vpn compatibility matrix. Does something like this exist either from Checkpoint or from someone in the userverse? There are a lot of options out there, rapidly increasing with Cloud providers. , , , , then the normal side with vendor to vendor best practices and support. The two Checkpoint versions this would make sense for is & moving forward.

Maybe a working document in where people could chime in? Maybe‌ could answer this or refer us to a resource?

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In short:

Site-to-Site IPsec VPN between Check Point and every other vendor: Works, once matching settings are configured.

Site-to-Site OpenVPN: Unsupported.

I have just set up the matrix you requested here.


A couple of these exist in SecureKnowledge, assuming the VPN endpoint is the one provided by the cloud provider.

For AWS:

For Azure:

I haven't seen similar articles for Google Cloud Provider or Oracle (yet).

I assume it's possible to do with the correct settings, of course.


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