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Securing the Blockchain TechTalk September 2023: Video, Slides, and Q&A

Slides (attached) and Q&A are available below the video.


I created my own Smart Contracts in a course at MIT. My question is that it’s a lot of code - how do you scan that for threats ?

You have static analysis tools like Slither, you can run it over the code and find basic bad practice you need to fix. You can also send it to and we will scan it for you.

Explain why Blockchain needs tokens to operate?

Tokens are standard in the blockchain for value, this way every app can transfer and use this value the same way across all the applications

How are transactions and blocks encrypted in the Bitcoin implementation?

Transactions and blocks in the Bitcoin implementation are not encrypted. Instead, they rely on cryptographic techniques like digital signatures and hashing for security and validation. Transactions are signed with private keys and verified with public keys, while blocks are linked together using cryptographic hashes to form the blockchain. This ensures the integrity and authenticity of transactions and blocks without encryption.

How do verifiers check if a block is valid?

They way the v

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