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Secure XL connections table

OK I am currently trouble shooting one of those fun SecureXL problems in R80.20 normal thing connections either very slow or not working at all switch off secureXL and the problem is straightaway fixed and connections flow fine. my suspicion is that connections are not being written to the secureXL connections table for some reason I have a TAC case open and I am progressing that but it is still early in the collection I was wondering if there is a way to check the secureXL connections table to see if an entry had been posted same as you would for the connections table. I am guessing the table name has changed I think it is the cphwd table and I am leaning toward cphwd_tmpl  does any one know if this is the secureXL connections table or not or even if it is possible to scrutinize the secureXL table?

If it is I guess the command would be fw tab -t cphwd_tmpl -f | grep <ip address>

Any thoughts appreciated

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The command fwaccel conns will print the SecureXL Connections Table.
See also:
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