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SafeSearch Enforcement Failing

Hi All,

We recently noticed that SafeSearch enforcement on Google has stopped working. The traffic is being inspected by https inspection as the certificate presented on each Google domain is our firewall generated cert. 

Working with TAC it seems this may be geolocation related, so I'd like to enquire if anyone else in Australia or elsewhere is having similar issues, to attempt to find a pattern? 

If you have this feature enabled, please test it as we had not realised it was failing until some users received vulgar results on image/video search thumbs. 

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Keep in mind all SafeSearch Enforcement does is that it adds a cookie to the outbound requests that tells Google to return "safe" results. 

It's quite possible for Google SafeSearch to still return vulgar results despite this.

Google even acknowledges this on their Preferences page where this option can be enabled/disabled.

I believe the checkbox will be ticked if SafeSearch enforcement is enabled and you browse this page (at least it was in the past).

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Thanks Dameon,

In this case, SafeSearch is off. When enforcement is working correctly, we see (apart from clean results), "SafeSearch is on"

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