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SSL VPN capacity 15600



We have an RFP where we need to perform a 20k vpn ssl connections to a 15600 appliance. Could you help me with the datasheet and all the parameters that I must check?




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Use the Appliance Sizing Tool.

With 20K SSL VPN traffic, I would talk to a local Check Point representative. 

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We will, but in I would like to have an idea in advance.


Any other info that could be provided?




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`The info about the device:


fw-vsx-3c-07> show asset all
Platform: PH-30-00
Model: Check Point 15600
Serial Number: LR201808003086
CPU Model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v3
CPU Frequency: 2400.122
Number of Cores: 32
CPU Hyperthreading: Enabled
Number of disks: 2
Disk 1 Model: ST1000NM0055-1V410C
Disk 1 Capacity: 1.00 TB
Disk 2 Model: ST1000NM0055-1V410C
Disk 2 Capacity: 1.00 TB
Total Disks size: 2000 GB
Total Memory: 32768
Memory Slot 1 Size: 8192
Memory Slot 2 Size: 8192
Memory Slot 3 Size: 8192
Memory Slot 4 Size: 8192
Power supply 1 name: Power Supply #1
Power supply 1 status: Up
Power supply 2 name: Power Supply #2
Power supply 2 status: Up
LOM Status: Installed
LOM Firmware Revision: 3.21
Number of line cards: 3
Line card 1 type: 4 ports 10GbE SFP+ Rev 2.0
Line card 2 type: 8 ports 1GbE RJ45 Rev 2.0
Line card 3 type: 2 ports 1/10GbE SFP+ Rev 2.0

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For this many users, approach your local Check Point office for guidance.

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