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Reverse proxy and other blades

Hello community,

we are using the reverse proxy feature Mobile Access Reverse Proxy. Nice feature and works well. 

But I want to know if some of the other blades ( IPS, AntiVirus, URL-Filter ) can inspect traffic passing the reverse proxy ? It would be great if IPS can be used to secure the internal webserver accessed from the internet via the reverse proxy.

Reverse proxy accept the encrypted connection from the internet, decrypt and looked into the http-header to check which reverse proxy rule is a possible match. Then the reverse proxy made an encrypted connection to the internal server. 

In my understanding the gateway see all traffic and should be do any other blade action.

My main goal for this is to have IPS working and the other one is to set some access rules via URL-filter rules. Meaning as an example source XYZ can access and all other not. The main reverse proxy feature does not support ACLs in his configuration.



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IPS should work with MAB Reverse Proxy.
I don't believe URL Filtering will work with this configuration.
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