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Remote Access (IP-Sec) vpn configuration problem

Hello friends


If I'm not mistaken,  secure remote vpn does not support an office mode and no license required.

when i searched configuration about secure remote vpn, i found tnis document:

in this document activated office mode. and this causes a license request.

how can resolve it? how can use free secure remote vpn(for ipsec).

 and if we dont use office mode ip, how  secure remote can access to internal network?

can you suggest to configure free ipsec secure remote vpn which not required MOB license?


another questions:

- Is visitor mode required for secure remote? Are there any limitations? and what is it?

- Are there any limitations for secure remote vpn? and what is it?

- can we use capsule for free free ipsec secure remote vpn?





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The inability to assign the client a specific IP Address (i.e. no support for Office Mode) is the main limitation of SecuRemote.
That and it's only supported on Windows.
More about how to configure a gateway for SecuRemote here:

Visitor Mode is required for the client to add the site in their configuration.
The Capsule VPN clients use Mobile Access licenses, thus require a license.
The only other free option is generic L2TP clients, as documented here:



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