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R80.x Performance Tuning - Link Collection


Firewall Performance

Performance Tuning R80.10 Administratio Guide
Performance Tuning R80.20 Administration Guide
Performance Tuning R80.30 Administration Guide
Best Practices - Security Gateway Performance
R80.10 Management Performance Guide

Modul and XL Performance

Best Practices - Security Gateway Performance
CoreXL Dynamic Dispatcher in R77.30 / R80.10 and above
VPN Core
VPN Performance Best Practices 
MultiCore Support for IPsec VPN in R80.10 and above
SMT (HyperThreading) Feature Guide
NAT Templates
Dynamic NAT port allocation feature
Multi-Queue does not work on 3200 / 5000 / 15000 / 23000 appliances when it is enabled for on-board ...

DDoS attacks on Check Point Security Gateway
How Connections Table limit capacity behaves in CoreXL
How to create and view Suspicious Activity Monitoring (SAM) Rules 
What is the SecureXL penalty box mechanism for offending IP addresses?
Relative speeds of algorithms for IPsec and SSL 
vSEC Virtual Edition (VE) Gateway support for AES-NI on VMware ESX

Blade Performance

SecureKnowledge: Application Control 
SecureKnowledge: URL Filtering 
SecureKnowledge: Content Awareness (CTNT) 
SecureKnowledge: IPS 
SecureKnowledge: Anti-Bot and Anti-Virus 
SecureKnowledge: Threat Emulation 
SecureKnowledge: Threat Extraction 
SecureKnowledge: Check Point Active Streaming (CPAS) and Passive Streaming Layer (PSL)
SecureKnowledge: HTTPS Inspection FAQ
Download Center: R80.10 Next Generation Threat Prevention Platforms


VSX Performance

VSX comming soon...


R80.10 Next Generation Threat Prevention Platforms
Infinity NGTP architecture


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