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R80.40 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator - New Ongoing take #114


Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator (2).png

Hi All,

A new Ongoing Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator take for R80.40 (take 114) was released today,  and is available for download. Please refer to sk165456

 Please note the following:

  •        The new release is mentioned in  sk165456
  •        The new releases will be published via CPUSE as a recommended version once it will be published as GA.
  •        Availability:

o   Available to download the via sk165456

o   Available for download via CPUSE by using package identifier.

o   Can be provided by customer support

Content included in this take:

  • Important content/Fixes  in this take:
    • Added support for Smart-1 6000-L/XL and 600-S/M appliances.
  • List of resolved issue in this take can be found in sk165456


Thanks ,

Release Operation Group

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Just an FYI to anyone trying take 114 , I had 2 gateways with clusterXL where the standby members would not come up from state "DOWN" after installing it. Appeared to be something with using dynamic routing and TAC recommended removal.


Same problem here.

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Leader Leader

For me, Take 102 seems to be stable, but so for not impressed with the QA on the recent jumbos. It just give the business more of an excuse to move to cheaper competitors.


But too be fair to Checkpoint, this is an ongoing take, not GA.

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

HI @genisis__ 

We appreciate your feedback.

We constantly invest in improving our JHF’s quality and maintain it as we are aware

of the need and usage of the different JHF’s.

we are closely monitoring issues and invest great effort to fix, test and release them ASAP.

While our records and data shows constant improvements in our JHF, we understand there can still be open issues

But again, we are doing everything in our power to fix them and prevent them from happening at first place.


If there are specific issues that you encounter and you need our assistance with, we will be more than happy to help


Release Operation group
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Thanks for the message.  I didn't have time to troubleshoot because We were completely down after this Jumbo114.

One cluster was up with no BGP peering and the other down.

I know its not GA yet so I removed it and went to the latest GA 102 on the Gateways.  I did leave 114 on the SMS and seems to be ok.


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Indeed an issue with routing on Cluster GWs has been identified in this specific take. A new take with a fix to the issue will be released early next week.


Best regards,

CheckPoint RnD


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