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R80.20 multi queue problem - interface pending reboot

We a gateway and post reboot an interface that was previously working in MQ had popped out and was showing as 'pending on'

Active ixgbe interfaces:

eth1-01 [On]

eth1-02 [On]

eth1-03 [On]

eth1-04 [Pending On]

It is  under investigation by TAC as to the cause of this.

However - does any one know a way of monitor the status of interfaces in MQ so that we can alert (trap\syslog) if this scenario has occurred?

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My question is: How did you get that information to begin with?
You could probably write up a quick monitoring script and send an snmptrap or whatever when the condition occurs.
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cpmq get


It does look like a script is the way to go, mq status not current available with any out of the box monitoring

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