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Question on traffic handling between Kernel Mode FW and Usermode FW



as we switched from R80.10 to R80.30 kernel 3.1 with UMFW I am looking for some in-depth information if packet handling changed because of e.g. SecureXL no handled by usermode. I found all the great information gathered by @HeikoAnkenbrand but until now could not find infos on the topic below.

After the upgrade we could see much less cpu usage on SNDs then before but much higher load on the fw_worker instances.

Actually before the change we had average 80% CPU on SNDs and 30% on FW_workers and now we have 10% on SNDs but 70% on FW-workers. We upgraded hardware to faster CPUs (3,2 GHz in opposite to 2 GHz) but core number stayed the same with 16 cores. We used multi-queue before but with R80.30 we could now use multiqueue for all interfaces.

Nevertheless my feeling is that some processing that was done by SNDs before has now moved to the fw_workers.

Note that we currently have a high number of VPN clients connected due to Corona.

Thanks for any insights.

regards Thomas



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Hi Dameon,

thanks for the input - I know about this new feature but currently we are using R80.30 kernel 3.1.

Already curious how this will work in production ...

Regards Thomas


Hi all, we appreciate your feedback. R&D is preparing an official statement about use of UMFW with the latest releases. We hope to get it posted on CheckMates as soon as possible.

Please stand by. 


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