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Proxy Settings

Hey Guys, 

Good Day!!!

Just posting the question after long time 🙂 

I just came across the different ways of configuring the proxy setting's on the device. And also aware this is used to get the checkpoint updates from the server. But which is the best way to configure 

1) ClI and GUI 

System management > proxy

2) Global Settings

Check Point GW Global Properties > Topology

File > Global Properties > Proxy

3) General properties for the gateway / Management object. 

Management object > General Properties > Topology > Proxy


Just would like to know 

1) Which is best way to configure the proxy settings ?

2) Which one will take preference ? Just for an example if we not configured proxy settings on cli/gui and have the proxy settings enabled and configured on global properties still connection uses the proxy ??

3) If we have proxy settings on smart console why do we also have it on cli/gui ?

4) Is there any difference's between each of them ? 



Vengatesh SR






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I assume by CLI/GUI, you mean the Gaia OS settings.
That is different/independent from the other two that you mention.

I believe the "Global Properties" apply for all gateways managed in that domain.
You can configure a gateway-specific override in the gateway object. 

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