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Properly monitoring 64k + VSLS + SNMP in VS mode?

Hi Guys,

Anybody monitoring 2 chassis SP systems, running VSLS,  using the SNMP V3 context to address specific VSs? 

I've setup InfluxDB, Telegraf and Grafana and just about everything works more or less (just some typical Check Point issues with useless OIDs). What doesn't work is monitoring VSs that are on the 2nd chassis.

So, most VSs run primary on chassis 1 and secondary on chassis 2, however some are primary on chassis 2 and secondary on chassis 1. 

The VSs which are primary on chassis 2 are not seen by SNMP, I only get data from the VS if it is running on the primary chassis. 

I found no info on SK about this. 

My assumption now is that I need to use UIPC and connect to both chassis. Check Point PS didn't setup UIPC when they jumpstarted the systems (possibly because it caused chassis crashes.)

Can anybody confirm I would need to use UIPCs? or what an alternative solution might be?     

TIA for any tips


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We didn't set it either but I believe UIPC should work. I haven't heard any issues regarding it

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