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Employee Alumnus

PPPoE and PADO packets CP GW



using media converter fibre > copper to make the PPPoE handshake on a 3200.

TP-Link MC 220L

problem I am havaing:

Timeout waiting for PADO packets


I use the ISP given router, it can make the handshake ok, whats even more bizzare, when this modem is configured as PPPoE passthrough, the 3200 is able to make the PPPoE handshake no problem.


Maybe CP timeout for PADO is too low? increasing it may help? "where though"


Any insights welcome



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I'd do a tcpdump on the relevant interface and see if you can see the necessary packets in the exchange: PADI -> PADO <- PADR -> PADS <- ->
If you don't, then the problem is upstream most likely.
Why not run with the ISP-provided modem in Bridge Mode if that works?
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