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One-liner collection


One-liner collection

Here is a list of interesting one-liners. Some community people have put a lot of work into this. Thanks from my side:

- Oneliner to compare routes between two cluster members

- Add cluster state to gaia prompt - clish and bash 

- Can someone put together a script to delete automatically created networks

- Check Inbound and Outbound TCP Sequece Numbers on R80.20+

- Show bgp peers across VSX in CLI

- Interface speed and duplex as list

- command to check particular segment is already part of any encryption domain

- One-liner for Address Spoofing Troubleshooting

- monitoring identity awareness

- Identity Awareness issue

- One-liner for duplex settings summary Jump to solution

- One-liner for Address Spoofing Troubleshooting

- How to manually delete an entry from the Connections Table

- NAT Rules and fw tab

- One-liner to show Geo Policy on gateways

- One-liner to show VPN topology on gateways

- Simple one-liner to add multiple networks in series

- Show Address Spoofing Networks via CLI

- Syslog alert for power supply failure

- Show VPN Routing on CLI

- How to decrease a usage of /dev/mapper/vg_splat_lv-log

- Command to show the number of permitted cores

- Simplified script for deletion single address from dynamic object's ip range

- Reset Expert Password on an 1100

- Domain Objects (FQDN) - An Unofficial ATRG

- Can someone put together a script to delete automatically created networks?

- How do you get the Jumbo Take Version on R80.X

- Oneliner - Show Office Mode (IP, User, Timeout)

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Re: One-liner collection

If there are still some links missing, please send a message.

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