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Object database maintenance

Hello community

I am wondering if some would be able to share their practices for the object database maintenance (host objects, groups, ...).

For example, are you tying hosts objects to your cmdb? or SCCM? do you regularly "audit" the objects? 

The question arises because  our current FW object DB contains more than 4000 hosts, and at least 20% of the entries seem to have some error when cross checking these with CMDB/SCCM/DNS ... (I didnt check networks or other objects but I can expect the same results).

I am considering for example to automatically signal objects not bound to one of our know datasource but I am facing some challenges (for example, host might have multiple interfaces and those are not in the CMDB, or object names might not correspond to what they "are" (for example cnames, aliases...))




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