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Migration Import failure, PItpi

Please let me know if any of you have seen this and what the remediation for this may be:

I am running migrate import from Smart-1 to Open Server on r77.30.

First path complained about plugins, so the R77.30 Add-On was installed.

Now only one error is present and I am trying to pin it down:

Execution finished with errors. See log file '/opt/CPshrd-R77/log/PItpi-import_install.elg' for further details
Execution has finished


[Expert@SomeonesSMS:0]# cat /opt/CPshrd-R77/log/PItpi-import_install.elg
[6 Mar 11:23:40]
[6 Mar 11:23:40] *****************************************************************
[6 Mar 11:23:40] ********************* Log session beginning *********************
[6 Mar 11:23:40] *****************************************************************
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [writeExecCommandTolog] Program executed as: /opt/CPPItpi-R77/bin/uacRunner -p PItpi -import_install
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [writeEnvInfoToLog] Binary was build for Linux OS
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [writeEnvInfoToLog] Management type of machine is 'Smc'
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [writeOptionsToLog] Base name is: PItpi
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [writeOptionsToLog] Product name is: PItpi
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [writeOptionsToLog] Main run flag is: -import_install
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [writeOptionsToLog] Runner working directory is: /opt/CPPItpi-R77
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [writeOptionsToLog] Main run option is of type: Default
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [runDefaultActivities] Running default activities
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [PluginSpecs::PluginSpecs] Initializing plugin specs with '/opt/CPPItpi-R77/conf/specs.conf'
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [ActivitiesManager::exec] Starting activities execution
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [ActivitiesManager::exec] Executing activity 'PluginDefaultDbMaker'
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [copyPluginDBtoManagement] Removing directory '/opt/CPsuite-R77/fw1/conf/pluginDefault/_PItpi' if it exists
[6 Mar 11:23:40] [copyPluginDBtoManagement] Creating directory '/opt/CPsuite-R77/fw1/conf/pluginDefault/_PItpi'
[6 Mar 11:23:42] [copyPluginDBtoManagement] Copying plugin default directory from '/opt/CPPItpi-R77/conf/defaultDatabase' to '/opt/CPsuite-R77/fw1/conf/pluginDefault/_PItpi'
[6 Mar 11:23:42] [copyPluginDBtoManagement] ERR: Failed to copy plugin default directory
[6 Mar 11:23:42] [ActivitiesManager::exec] ERR: Activity 'PluginDefaultDbMaker' failed
[6 Mar 11:23:42] [ActivitiesManager::exec] Rolling back previous activities
[6 Mar 11:23:42] [ActivitiesManager::exec] Rolling back activity 'PluginDefaultDbMaker'
[6 Mar 11:23:42] [ActivitiesManager::exec] WRN: Activities execution finished with errors
[6 Mar 11:23:42] [ActivitiesManager::exec] WRN: Activities 'PluginDefaultDbMaker' have failed
[6 Mar 11:23:42] [ActivitiesManager::exec] Designated exit code is 1

Thank you,


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I believe those error messages are still relating to the add-on. If you search sk105412 for PItpi there are plenty of references to that string. I would start by making sure that the commands #fwm ver and #cpinfo -y all match exactly on the 2 machines. After that I might try uninstalling the add-on from the Smart-1 machine if possible by following the uninstall instructions in the add-on SK. However I'd probably get TAC involved first, I've seen that add-on do awful things.

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Did you solve this? I am trying to do an import and getting exactly the same error message.


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