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Message: range_add_obj_addresses: cannot get an interface IPV6 address

Hi all,

After upgrading a VSX cluster from R77.30 to R80.10 Take 121 we get the following when installing the policy on VS0

'range_add_obj_addresses: cannot get an interface IPV6 address'

The policy is installed without warnings or errors.

IPv6 is enabled on Gaia, but VS0 does not have an IPv6 address. There is a virtual system with an IPv6 address configured.

Anyone seen this before on R80.10? And what can we do to solve this?



Policy Install VS0

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This is not even a warning, but an information - so why should that be resolved at all ? Looks like you have enabled IPv6 for VSX following sk93144, but not defined an IPv6 address for all VSs yet...

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I know this is not a warning or a error, but it is there only after the upgrade from R77.30 to R80.10. The configuration has not changed and in R77.30 this message was not there.

IPv6 is enabled op the VSX cluster, but not with sk93144. We just enabled it with 'set ipv6-state on'.

There is one virtual system with an IPv6 address configured (which is working fine). All other virtual system, inlcuding VS0, do not have an IPv6 address.

And only VS0 is showing this message when installing the policy. All other virtual systems on this cluster do not show this when installing the policy.

This has no high priority and the whole cluster is working as it should. But why inform me there is no IPv6 address configured when I already know this for VS0?