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Management High Availability - Install database

Quick question around Management High Availability and when an 'install database' is required on each management server.

I have a new trusted Root CA that was installed via the HTTPS dashboard that I believe is messing with an external IOC feed from being setup.    I know when I install these certs, i have to install policy to a gateway for those to be updated.  

For the management servers, I believe an 'install database' is required to do the same action.

Is that accurate?

If so, is an install database required on just the 'active' node or required on both?   was not sure on exactly if there is any synchronization of this action natively to the secondary management server.

When a install database is required on the SMS servers in HA, is there an order of operation required?   I.e. Do one first and then other 2nd?


Thanks in advance 🙂


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I remember in old days, back in R77.xx versions, for something like that, you only had to install database on active and backup would sync. Have not worked on it in R80+, but logically, assume it would be the same.



Unless you're modifying files in expert mode, you should only have to make the relevant changes on the active member.

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