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MUH agent disconnecting every 60 seconds

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has experienced something similar to this. When we install the MUH agent on a machine, it will connect fine, but after roughly 1 minute, it will disconnect, then after 20-30 second sit will reconnect again. It will continue to do this over and over.

This same thing happens on all machines we run it on. We have updated to a newer hotfix, renewed the internal certs, rebooted the firewall etc.

When the disconnect happens we get a rather vague message in the smartlog:

"An error was detected while trying to authenticate against the AD server. It may be a problem of bad configuration or connectivity. Please refer to the troubleshooting guide for more help"

gateway: R77.30


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It can happen, when the Fingerprints from the AD do not match.

When running AD query from SmartDashboard, see "Binding to LDAP server: Failed to check ssl" error 


thanks for the reply, I checked it out, but we dont have encryption enabled on any of our AD servers so that cant be the issue.

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