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Load Sharing

Suppose one has 2 ISP #1 and #2 and they have say 40Mbps ISP#1 and 30Mbps ISP#2 each and you do ISP Redundancy load sharing split say 60/40 does the "effective bandwidth" be more than the capacity of the link with the most bandwidth?. Does this setup increase bandwidth or its not a link-aggregation solution but just a design to share load?. Hypothetically/technically for example ISP#1 is the 0.6 work at full capacity of that 40Mbps and same for ISP#2 the 0.4 split. I have read the SKs for ISP Redundancy and a have a good understanding of this architecture and how its configured and works but need clarity on this

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I did this for a customer while ago and thats exactly what it was...load sharing, did not increase the bandwidth at all.

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