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Knock-off 41k??

Since weekend is coming something on a lighter note. I wonder if we got a cheap Alibaba knock-off from our CP reseller when our 41k chassis arrived?

It's not a bad photoshop but picture taken from the back of the chassis we've got

Or maybe it's a candidate for the Checkmates t-shirt logo??

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Ewww.  Is it registered in your User Center?

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Nah, it said to register at "User Enter"

Smoke started coming out

Smiley Happy


How is "Echnology" not a word? We should urgently assign it some meaning. Everything else does when I play scrabble with my kids:)


That reminds me of the numidic pirate named Baba in the Asterix cartoons. But i think, nobody here knows Asterix

and now to something completely different