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JHF compability with another take JHF

Hi All,

I have a question regarding JHF compatibility with another take JHF

According to this sk164258, there is some alignment between JHF version.

So I have a case with my customer have a firewall with HA cluster and has version R80.40 with JHF take 139 and in another place, the management server is already R81.10 without any JHF.

Is it possible to install the latest JHF for R80.40 on the firewall? on that sk is mentioned we must install at least JHF 82 on R81.10

I plan to install JHF take 192 because on the existing JHF, there is some issue with security gateway may crash ( fix on take 150 )


Thanks, Regards

Dio Aditya Pradana

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Employee Employee

This is not a dependency, simply an alignment of contents where applicable.

That being said the management definitely should have a JHF applied when possible. 


If in doubt and you want to be 100% sure, than it would be worth to confirm with TAC support. Now, as far as mgmt, say if you have (just making this up) cluster on R81.10 jumto 87 and mgmt was on R81.10 jumbo 78, everything would still work fine, jumbo version makes no difference at all, as long as mgmt is at least same OR higher version than the cluster.

Personally, and this is just me, I strongly advise everyone I work with to keep everything on exact same jumbo (if its same version) and if lower, might as well install latest recommended, since every TAC person will tell you that anyway. I sort of understand their position too, as few of them told me that even R&D these days is less likely to help them if customers dont have latest recommended jumbo installed.

Cheers mate.



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