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Issue with the VPN between AWS and Checkpoint

Hi All,

We are facing a weird issue with the VPN built between Checkpoint and the AWS.

The issue started recently and the VPN was built long back, no changes in the environment made recently.

When checked the vpn debug ikeon in ikeview, we can see that the Phase 2 is negotiating with the peer IPs rather than negotiating with the This is only when the issue occurs. As a temporary fix we clear the SAs each time the issue occur which helps the Phase 2 negotiate with and the tunnel works as normal.

Please suggest us a solution.

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I recommend engaging with the TAC so proper troubleshooting can be done.

Also possible this will be fixed by applying a recent JHF or similar, but don't if that's relevant since you supplied no version/JHF information in your message.

How To Open a Case with TAC and/or Account Services


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