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Internet access to different subnets

Hello Mates. I have configured different subnets on my checkpoint as per business requirement. these subnets are per function and we have 11 subnets. the problem is only nine subnets are working on the checkpoint even if I do the exact configuration on all subnets. Is there a limitation on subnets that can work on a checkpoint configuration? 

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Re: Internet access to different subnets

We're going to need a lot more information.

At a minimum:

  1. What does the rulebase look like to permit access?
  2. Sample log entries from "working" and "not working" access?

Based on that, we should be able to provide guidance.

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Re: Internet access to different subnets

Some more questions:

  1. How do these networks connect to the Firewall?
  2. How did you define outbound NAT, all traffic behind GW or Hide NAT to an IP per subnet?
  3. How is routing setup for the 11 subnets?

We have customers with thousands of subnets connecting through a Check Point firewall so this number is not an issue.

Regards, Maarten
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Re: Internet access to different subnets

1. There are two routers with /16 subnet. A microtik router receives all the traffic from the subnets and forwards them to the checkpoint. 

2. All subnets are hide Nat and its per subnet

3. Each subnet has a route pointing to the interface on the checkpoint that provides the internet. I will be uploading the network diagram shorlty 

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