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Identity Collector lost conection with Security Gateway when Cluster fails over.

Hi Dudes!!!


  I noticed the ID Collector lost connnection with Security Gateway Cluster when that fails over.  In ID Collecto at Gateway Dashboard shows the device is desconected, but I cant run test or try connect again. That only works if

I run cpstop and cpstart on Active Cluster Member for ID Collector connect again with Gateway. Now, the enviroment is SG R80.10 with Jumbo Hotfix Take 189. 


Thanks for all!!

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Hi @Rafael_Morato 


This shouldn't happen, as cluster failover is "transparent" to Identity Collector since they are communicating via VIP interface.

Please make sure you have configured the VIP interface of this cluster.


In case you did, I suggest opening a ticket with TAC, and provide the following:

1. run pdp debug while replicating the problem:

a. enable the debug - "pdp d s all all"

b. replicate the issue.

c. disable the debug - "pdp d u all"


2. add the following files:

gw debugs - $FWDIR/log/pdpd.elg* (up to 10 files)

client side debug - see sk122686

cpinfo from the gw.





Royi Priov
Group manager, Identity Awareness R&D
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