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ISP Distribution

Hi Community,

I have one doubt actually, suppose i have Three ISP and i want to use all three ISP at a same time in my environment.

how can i do it.

please suggest.

thanks in advance. 

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Please see this thread: 

If you actually have at least two /24 or larger ranges of public IPs from your ISPs, you can use BGP for limited load balancing on your perimeter routers and have Check Point configured for normal ISP redundancy.

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In addition to what Vladimir said checkpoint supports only 2 ISPs for redundancy your best option  is to use dynamic routing. 

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Also keep in mind that using ISP Redundancy in Load Sharing mode will keep any traffic from being accelerated by SecureXL (i.e. 100% of traffic through the firewall will go F2F).

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Just to clarify that 100% of the traffic going out will be F2F. Internal traffic will still be accelerated.

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PBR is the best option, remember limitation is not probing, in case of  one link failure manually you have the change of the route. 

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