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I have a question about SIP

I have a version of the ClusterXL firewall, R77.20.

I have two sets of VoIP call systems. One is dialing through CheckPoint's internal network NAT. The other is dialing through the Internet. Strangely, I'm releasing two ports through the Internet's VOIP set. They are sip_up and sip_tcp. Then another set of VoIP can't dial!

My English is not good enough. Trouble

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Re: I have a question about SIP

Hi sam huang,

R77.20 is out of support:-)

R77.20 had many SIP issues.

More to SIP an RTP policy config see here:

VoIP Issue and SMB Appliance (600/1000/1200/1400)  



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Re: I have a question about SIP

Hi Heiko,

If the device is an SMB device then R77.20 is supported. Latest firmware version for the SMB appliances is R77.20.85.

Currently there is nothing higher than R77.20 for SMB.

"sam huang‌ Which hardware appliance are you running and which version of software? 



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Re: I have a question about SIP

Hi Mark Mitchell,

Yes,  this  ist correct. But Sun Huang would have had to write the right version, for example R77.20.85.

Then we would talk about SMB Appliance. But no matter what, we want to help solve the problem. 




Re: I have a question about SIP

In addition to specifying which hardware is being used in this question, it would be helpful to see:

  • A snapshot of the exact firewall rules permitting traffic
  • Log entries related to the above that might provide some clues