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Hyper-Threding Licence on Open Server

Since version R80.40+ Hyper-Threding is allowed for open servers. More read here: Performance Tuning Tip - SMT (Hyper Threading),  Does R80.40 support HP DL380 G10, sk93000: SMT (HyperThreading) Feature Guide

In the last few weeks, I have discussed a number of private messages on the subject of HT licences for open servers with Check Point employees. Therefore, an idea of how I would design the licences.

I think technically it is very easy to differentiate Hyper-Threding (HT) cores from real cores on open server. In my view, this can also be used for the licence.

Because an HT core has less performance, I would implement a cheaper licence here at open server for HT. Check Point already has HA licences with ClusterXL, for example. In the same way, a license can be sold for HT cores.

In my view, there are two possibilities here:

1) A software blade licence for HyperThreding for example as software blade CPSB-8-HT. This would then allow the eight cores for Hyper-Threding.

2) Or a licence for all software blades with the HT attachment. For example: CPSB-FW-HT, CPSB-ADNC-HT, CPSB-IPS-HT,... This would then allow to be used the HT cores on open server.

That would be my approach to licensing HT.

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