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How to uninstall Upgrade Tools package?


I tried to uninstall "Upgrade Tools" package but without success?  sk135172

Manual installation does work, but if you want to remove it or use an older version it is not possible. Reason for that is that after an mds_restore there seems to be mismatch in  the versioning. (MDSR80.30 lab, no online connectivity)


MDSM]# cpprod_util CPPROD_GetValue CPupgrade-tools-R80.40 BuildNumber 1

MDSM> installer import local Check_Point_R80.40_T294_Fresh_Install_and_Upgrade.tgz
MDSM> installer verify Check_Point_R80.40_T294_Fresh_Install_and_Upgrade.tgz
Info: Initiating verify of Check_Point_R80.40_T294_Fresh_Install_and_Upgrade.tgz...
Interactive mode is enabled. Press CTRL + C to exit (this will not stop the operation)
Result: Verifier results Package: Check_Point_R80.40_T294_Fresh_Install_and_Upgrade.tgz Clean Install: Installation is allow
ed. Upgrade: The following results are not compatible with the package:
- No upgrade tools package is installed for R80.40 version. To download the package manually, refer to sk135172. Restart ver
ify process using -skip_upgrade_tools_check flag.
The R80.40 image you have imported is not supported for upgrade on:
- Open Servers configured as a Security Gateway or Stand Alone.
- Cloud environments (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Service and Aliyun).
- ClusterXL in Load Sharing mode with IPSec VPN blade enabled (this limitation does not apply to VSX in VSLS mode). See sk162637
This R80.40 image is allowed for upgrade only on a machine with 64bit CPU
To upgrade from R75.X, first upgrade to R77.30 and only then upgrade to R80.40.




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I'd log a SR for this.

and now to something completely different
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