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Hiding SmartConsole update

Since R80 we now have the number of recommended available updates in the Gateway view in the SmartConsole. This is great but the problem is that one of the recommended update is the SmartConsole latest build which of course there is no point downloading from every single one of my firewalls.

It makes the "Recommended updates" information in SmartConsole useless because I can't tell if there is a real gateway update missing or just a console build that is anyway already installed on the required computers.

Is there a way to hide the SmartConsole build updates in this view? Or simply a way to remove them as a recommended package?

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Expanding on this: The WebUI claims that installing a SmartConsole Update on e.g. a gateway runs cpstop and cpstart, which suggests that /something/ is happening on the gateway beyond downloading the installer and making it available. What's happening there? Is there some way to make it happen without downloading the SmartConsole installer again and again and again? And, most importantly: Is there any downside to just quietly ignoring the alert and keeping the gateway on an old version?

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As I recall, I don't think it actually does a cpstop/cpstart as it's not really needed in this case. It should be safe to ignore this update in any case provided admins are downloading the latest SmartConsole from UserCenter.
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