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HTTPS empty_ssl_conn sometimes


Hello Guys, 

I have these issues in my network. I created an HTTPS Inspection Rule bypass a group of the network that contains these 2 hosts, sometimes when I access this website   I see the log detect empty_ssl_conn, and sometimes this connection is bypassed.


I look at my Trusted CAs, I can see the Root CA and Intermediate CA. I did the command curl and the result is


Does anyone know how to fix this?


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Most of the time this error indicates that the TLS/SSL handshake did not finish properly. Sometimes this can be caused by closing the browser while a webpage is loading.

However, after various debugs with R&D we could identify that this can also caused by the browser itself or the destination web server when inspecting SSL/TLS traffic.

In my experience it will not cause any issues other than bypassing the connection.

You can find more information in sk107755 - A log with an 'empty_ssl_conn' entry in the HTTPS Validation field appears in SmartView T...


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