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HCP SmartConsole Extension - FileNotFoundError

Hi all,


I followed the instructions as per sk171436 to install the SmartConsole extension, but I'm receiving some errors currently. 

For reference, the HCP process is running on our management server, we've used it previously to export the HTML reports from the gateways.


HCP Install log:

[INFO] - verification ended successfully

*N* %03-15  18:14:14% :  Installation succeeded for component hcp

*N* %03-15  18:14:15% :  ----------------------------------------------------------------------


hcp -r all was run on the relevant gateways prior.


Starting HCP on mgmt server

[Expert@hostname]# service hcp_ext start

Running hcp_ext: [Expert@hostname]#


Expert@hostname]# hcp --ext-update-reports all

Shutting hcp_ext: Running hcp_ext: Shutting hcp_ext: Running hcp_ext: Traceback (most recent call last):


FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/opt/CPsuite-R81.10/fw1/cpextensions/tmp/jetty-'


And when attempting to add the extension in SmartConsole:


The remote server erturned an error: (503) Server Unavailable


HCP logs:

[Expert@hostname]# cat hcp.elg

[31/05/2023 09:44:34] [23076] [INFO] [vs_id 0] main: started

[31/05/2023 09:44:34] [23076] [ERROR] [vs_id 0] check_report_path: Path does not exist: /opt/CPsuite-R81.10/fw1/cpextensions/tmp/jetty-


It seems like it's trying to access a file/directory which isn't present. I appreciate any assistance you can give.



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Please open a TAC case:

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