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Firewall message log file

I have seen the following messages in /var/log/messages on a 23500 system running R77.30, which appears to be a Linux related message rather then Checkpoint. Do I need to worry about this?

ar 12 18:40:33 2019 slgadca1 kernel: kjournald starting.  Commit interval 5 seconds
Mar 12 18:40:33 2019 slgadca1 kernel: EXT3-fs warning: checktime reached, running e2fsck is recommended
Mar 12 18:40:33 2019 slgadca1 kernel: EXT3 FS on dm-4, internal journal
Mar 12 18:40:33 2019 slgadca1 kernel: EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode.
Mar 12 18:42:49 2019 slgadca1 kernel: device-mapper: table: 253:4: linear: dm-linear: Device lookup failed
Mar 12 18:42:49 2019 slgadca1 kernel: device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table


I have white out the device name.

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I believe these can be safely ignored. May be worth doing an e2fsck during a maintenance window, though.
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What is the proper way to run e2fsck during a maintenance window? Unfortunately, I have yet to find any official documentation on how to properly run a file system check so any direction is greatly appreciated.

I've found sk92442 that indicates fsck can be ran from maintenance mode. I've also found an old forum post that indicates fsck can be run doing the boot process if it's been long enough between checks. Being that my firewall has an uptime of 708 days, I'm guessing that a reboot will likely check the file system upon boot and resolve this error? Or is unmounting the filesystem and running fsck manually the way to go?


I am aware of the extremely high uptime, these units will be upgraded to R80.40 soon.


[Expert@FW01]# tune2fs -l /dev/mapper/vg_splat-lv_current | egrep -i 'check|mount'
Last mounted on: <not available>
Default mount options: (none)
Last mount time: Wed Nov 28 19:23:32 2018
Mount count: 3
Maximum mount count: 39
Last checked: Wed Nov 28 18:59:43 2018
Check interval: 15552000 (6 months)
Next check after: Mon May 27 19:59:43 2019

[Expert@FW01]# uptime
12:20:58 up 708 days, 16:57, 5 users, load average: 0.80, 0.85, 0.82

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Follow the SK recommendations, ignore CPUG discussion

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