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Evaluation License Dissapeared

Hi guys,


I have a very odd issue.

I installed a lab environment with 3 open servers:

1 x Management

2 x Security Gateway


I finished the installation yesterday and right now it seems that the evaluation license of the management server is ok (can see it both on the machine and SmartUpdate) but the licenses of the Security Gateway are GONE.

I checked the machines and there's no license whatsoever.


Do you have any ideas what might caused it and what to do?

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What does cplic print from the gateways say?

Hi guyg,

As the evaluate license you have, it looks like a centralized licensing that one of license will be attached aitomatically to the management server (Management's IP address) and the other one you will need to attach it manually to the gateway.

Please keep in mind, all-in-one evaluation license consists of a management blade and gateway blade.

If you have two gateways that means you must generate licensing another one for the rest.
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Hey guyg,

it seems like your license has expired and you need a new one.


To get a new license go to:


-> My Check Point

-> Product Center

-> Select your costomer account(if you haven't one yet, create it)

                   How to create one:

                   -> My Check Point

                   -> My Account

                   -> Create Account

                   -> Select "New Costomer" and fill out the required information

                   -> Submit

-> click on "Evaluations"

-> Product Evaluation

-> ALL-IN-ONE Evaluation

-> Next

-> Fill out the required information (check that the last checkbox is not ticked otherwise Check Point will call you)

-> Get Evaluation

-> Get License File



A download will start and you get the CPlicenseFile.lic file

Now all you have to do is to import this file in SmartConsole

-> log in to SmartConsole

-> click on the menu icon in the top left corner

-> select "Manage licenses and packages..."

Smart Update should open

-> click on the menu icon in the top left corner

-> select Licenses & Contracts -> Add License -> From File...

and import your new License



The last step is just to attach the new license on your Gateway

-> in SmartUpdate taskbar click on "Licenses & Contracts"

-> Right click your Gateway -> Attach License

-> Select the Security Gateway License and click on Attach




I actually wrote a nice tutorial on requesting a new evaluation license (with screenshots) here:
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Legend Legend

The gateways should have a 15-day Trial Period license built-in that starts when SIC is first established.  Note however that any radical changes in the date or time on a system is likely to cause the Trial license to suddenly vanish well before the 15-day period ends.  Funny how "accidental" clock setbacks by the administrator seem to always occur right when a eval/trial license is nearing its end, so much for that little trick...


Gateway Performance Optimization R81.20 Course
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Did you by any chance imported another MGMT database?

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