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How to Request an Evaluation License

A frequent question we see on CheckMates is how to request an evaluation license (or extend an existing one).
Note that when you first do a product installation, a 15-day Plug-n-Play evaluation license is already present.
To go past this, you can request a 30-day evaluation license as follows:
Log into UserCenter and Select Try Our Products > Try Or Products > Product Evaluation:

You will be given some options:


In the majority of cases, the All-In-One Evaluation is what you will want to choose.
This will give you a 30-day license for Security Management and the Security Gateway with all features enabled.
Click Next.
Select the User Center Account to put the license in.
Enter the IP Address of your Security Management Server.
Select the reason for evaluation.
Click on Get Evaluation.

Your evaluation license and instructions should be presented to you.



If the Product Evaluation Page will not allow you to click Next, review the top of the screen:


This is basically telling you your account needs to be associated with a "customer." 
This can be done one of two ways:

  • An existing customer adds you to their User Center account (useful for consultants and the like)
  • Create a new Customer, which you do by clicking on that Create Your First Account link in the above screen

Fill in company details:



After you hit submit, you will be associated with a new "customer."
You will then be able to request evaluation licenses as described above.

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Re: How to Request an Evaluation License

Dear Team,

Actually i want to know if i will use evalution for CP Mangement server so in evolution period how many maximum gateway i can add ?

what will be limitation for it can you please let me know.

Harmesh Yadav
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Re: How to Request an Evaluation License

I don't believe the eval license is limited in this regard.

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