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Down tunnels are not displayed

In R80.10. In SmartView Monitor in the Tunnels on Gateway view I only see tunnels that are up and tunnels that I know that are down are not displayed. In the Query Properties I have the State filter set to Any. Yet no down tunnels are shown.
When I check in the down tunnel's respective Tunnels on Community view I only see "No data".
At first I thought that this is just the way it is - tunnels that are down are not presented - but than I found this screenshot in a Tunnels on Gateway on the Internet where there are all kinds of states in the the view.

I am thinking that something is not right on my side. Did anybody ran across such behavior?

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I just looked at my SVM of "Tunnels on Gateway", without any filter, other than the GW name itself that needs to be selected, I show UP and DOWN tunnels. Along your top columns, do you have any filter enabled (Green),  other than the ANY on the state? 

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Hey Martin , 


Did you get this resolved?

I am seeing the same thing on R80.20.

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