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DHCP Relay configuration


I'm new to checkpoint. I just try to configure my checkpoint firewall as DHCP relay agent.

My plan is separate my local network and guest WiFi network when providing WiFi connectivity to the uses.

Here is the current setup:

Local native lan:

My DHCP and DNS server is in this network.

DHCP/DNS server:

And I create another network(VLAN10) on checkpoint firewall interface 4.

VLAN10: on sub-interface 4.

After that I create DHCP scope for VLAN10 on my DHCP server and my APs need to get IP address from main DHCP server(

So how can I configure DHCP relay on checkpoint to forward all the DHCP request to main DHCP server on other network.

When I try to configure DHCP relay it ask for interface I just select VLAN10 interface 4. I I'm not sure which IP Address I have to enter on Primary IP address field and add relay field.

Can some one please help me to configure DHCP relay based on provided information.

Appreciate your help


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No - as you gave neither the used version nor the DHCP Relay flavor prefered:

CP is suggesting to always use sk104114: Configuration of IPv4 BOOTP/DHCP Relay using new services - but there is also

sk98839: Configuration of IPv4 BOOTP/DHCP Relay using legacy services.

And for help in case of issues there is sk97642: Troubleshooting DHCP Relay Issues


Currently  using R77.30


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