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Correct link to upgrade from R77.10 to R80.20 for checkpoint 4800

So i just installed a fresh 4800 out of the box which comes with R77.10 , for some reason it cannot find any updates via gui so the only option left is to upgrade using the legacy upgrade option at the top right, now i need the correct R80.20 image for this, if someone can share the link with the correct R80.20 image that would be great. Came across this link-

Is that the right link for R80.20 image?


Also attaching the images of the legacy upgrade option below-

legacy upgrade.png


Some info about the firewall-

cpinfo -y all
Failed to open file 'objects.C': No such file or directory

Hotfix versions

No hotfixes..




show version all
Product version Check Point Gaia R77.10
OS build 2
OS kernel version 2.6.18-92cp
OS edition 32-bit

show asset system
Platform: T-180-00
Model: Check Point 4800


Thank You.

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R77.10 is way End of Support.
To get the updates from CPUSE, you'd have to likely manually install the latest Deployment Agent, which may or may not work.
Your best bet is to use ISOmorphic to install the relevant ISO to a USB drive then boot from the drive.
This will install the platform fresh with the relevant version. 

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Adding to above - even if the Deployment Agent works on this version, no 80.20 packages will be presented.

Since this is a new machine there is no advantage in upgrade - it will just consume disk space (creates a snapshot) and it is not verified since 77.10 is long out of support.

Indeed ISO seems like the best (or maybe only) way in this case

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