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Checkpoint Appliance SG80

In my NJ office I have a Checkpoint Appliance SG80, is this the same as the L-50 that it can only handle 350mgs?

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As per:

According to the specifications, it can, if all you are doing is Access Control policy:

But it is quite dated and if you are looking at equivalent upgrade to modern appliances, I'd suggest at least 3100.


Hi William, 

If you are looking to provision a new gateway I would strongly recommend completing a sizing exercise so that you can select the correct gateway for the scenario you are looking at. Things to bare in mind:

  • Size of the circuit you are protecting
    • Just because you have say a 100Mbps circuit this doesn't necessarily mean you need a gateway that can apply NGTP at 100Mbps. Taking a baseline of the connection may highlight that at peak you may only use say 60Mbps so in reality you could spec down the gateway to handle the actual used speed rather than maximum circuit size. 
  • Select the Blades/Threat Prevention/Extraction technologies you want to use. The more blades that are enabled the more resources are required. 
  • Do you want HTTPS inspection? Again this can add additional overheads to the gateway
  • IPSEC/Mobile Access VPN's? How many site to site VPNs or remote access users do you need.
  • What's your management method?
    • Locally Administered
    • Central Management Server

As Vladimir Yakovlev‌ stated the 1100 series are dated now, so it would be beneficial to look at a current model.

Hope this helps. 




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