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Checkmates reputation system

Hi Checkmates,

I like the idea to have a check point related reputation system here in the community.

But I can see more possibilities of a reputation system, which I already shared with Alex Spokoiny, Sharon Schusheim, Yulian Abramovich and  Nir Dagan in the past.

What about opening the reputation system to a wider scope?

Example usercenter: 
What about getting reputation points for writing comments/improvements for SKs or giving ratings for existing SKs?
I think it is even worth getting point when helping to identify new bugs within a service request.

Example EA programs:
EA programs are a lot of work on CP side and on customer side? Why not giving reputation points for good work in EA projects?

Example Certification:

Once someone gets a CP certification it is also a good opportunity to give reputation points or just showing this certification state automatically in the user's profile.

Giving feedback (adding comments or ratings to SKs, finding bugs within SRs, being part of early availability programms, etc...) always takes a lot of time and in most cases the customer can not see his personal benefits for giving feedback.
To encourage people I can imagine some kind of bonusprogram where customers can get rewards for their reputation points. I know this could cause flaming, but it's a matter of implementation.

Rewards can be webinars, trainings or other services like SmartOptimize, Professionlservices, etc.
Especially for the certified customers (CCSE,CCSA,CCSM...) it could be very interesting to get rewards in form of credits webinars to keep the certification level.
Keep in mind: The more knowledge your customers have the less support CP need to provide

It would also be nice when you are contacting support, that the support employer can see in your user profile
how much experience you already have with Check Point products and how valuable you are as a customer for Check Point.

I am dreaming of a world where CP support will not ask me for CPInfo when I open a SR for reporting a bug



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I would say that dreaming is one of the best things that any human could do Smiley Happy ! Your assumption here is that we have a group of end customers using CheckMates community and the CP TAC et al. on the other side. But in fact, a lot of people with different qualification and status are frequenting the CheckMates community: End customers, free-lancing or company based CP partners and CCSPs as well as people from CheckPoint itself. Therefore, the reputation system must take this into consideration - suggestions like improving SKs, EA programs or Certification for the reputation system would work for end customers but not for CP engineers .

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Actually I am dreaming of a CP TAC where I can upload files directly using cpinfo from cli and TAC staff does not complain not having received anything. Even if I added to the st the cpinfo stdout output showing successfully transferred files. 

and now to something completely different - CCVS, CCAS, CCTE, CCCS, CCSM elite
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I definitely like the idea.

In practice, these are completely disparate systems that would need to be integrated.

It's not something we can do in the near term, but it's something we'll keep in mind for the future.

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LOL! This could win feature of the year!

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...then you have to push the "yes" button! 

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