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CPInfo - CLIsh vs. Expert

Good Afternoon -

I am seeing a CPInfo behavior that i have not come across and am hoping that someone might have an idea!

We have multiple two node clusters of 12400 gateways.  All on R80.20_HF87 and version 191 of CPInfo.

When i run the command < cpinfo -y all > from CLIsh - some of our gateways are only producing the following output: 

Usage: CPInfo  --- This is all of it!

If I run it from Expert i get the HF info, build #'s, etc. that i expect.

On some of the clusters I get the full set of info from CLIsh.

Has anyone come across this? Is there a setting or a parameter missing on some of them and not others?





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Never seen that and it's probably best to get the TAC involved.
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