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BGP advertise a subnet to specific peer

Required help please
I have multiple BGP Peers established on same AS#.  So if we advertise a route to a specific peer the same route is receiving on all the peers on the same AS#. I want to restrict the advertisement to specific peer so that the route will receive to the peerin which the peer really need it. Could you please help us to achieve this. I tried configuring the routemap. But no luck. Appreciate if someone can help me. Thanks
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Did you set unique RIDs for all bunch? Just checking

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Hi Val_Loukine,


I tried to set the below routemaps but none helped. When I set the last command the current advertising subnets to the peer will instantly stop and no subnet will be advertise. My idea of the below set of command is to advertise only the to the peer.


set routemap SYD_TEST id 101 on
set routemap SYD_TEST id 101 allow
set routemap SYD_TEST id 101 match as 3637 on
set routemap SYD_TEST id 101 match neighbor on
set routemap SYD_TEST id 101 match network exact
set routemap SYD_TEST id 101 action nexthop ip
set bgp external remote-as 3637 export-routemap SYD_TEST preference 1 family inet on

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